Feel at Home in Samsara?

A Tit for a Tat (117)

Tit: I don’t feel that I belong!
Belong where?
Here – in Samsara
That’s good!
How so?
If you feel right at home, how are you going to break free from Samsara?

Tit: But aren’t Bodhisattvas supposed to feel at ease in Samsara?
Tat: But are you a Bodhisattva… yet?
Tit: So am I supposed to feel at home here or not, if I want to be a Bodhisattva?
Tat: A Bodhisattva-wannabe trains to feel at home everywhere – from hell to Pureland!
Tit: Then why should I break free from Samsara?
Tat: Samsara is the samsaric [greed, hate, delusion] in your mind – it’s not really a place!

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