A Perfect Sickness Or Virtue?

Maybe we are imperfect,
which is why we love the imperfect. [1]
Is this a sickness or a virtue?

Maybe we love the perfect, [2]
though those already perfect don’t really need our love? [3]
Is this a sickness or a virtue?

The truth is,
we love the imperfect [4]
but  we love the perfect too. [5]

We love to perfect the imperfect. [6]
We love to emulate the perfect. [7]
We love to become perfect. [8]


[1] people, things and places
[2] like the Buddhas
[3] as they are totally fulfilled
[4] out of compassion
[5] out of admiration
[6] to transform our defilements to virtues
[7] by learning from the Buddhas
[8] by becoming Buddhas

From https://moonpointer.com/new/2010/08/love-everyone:

Love those imperfect…
because they can be perfect.

Love those trying to be perfect…
because they will be perfect.

Love those perfect…
because they are already perfect.

– Stonepeace

Even the imperfect
has a perfect virtue –
it can become perfect.

– Stonepeace

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