Plato’s ‘Pure Land’

Adorning glossy magazine covers
are photographs of faces
mostly photoshopped to ‘perfection’.

Nothing new really,
for our ancestors too
conceal their flaws on paintings.

Nothing new really,
for their descendants too
conceal their flaws by painting (on their faces with make-up).

Hinting perhaps,
of how we prefer
Plato’s ‘imaginary’ world of idealised forms?

Where are circles perfectly round?
Where are lines perfectly straight?
Where is beauty peerless beauty?

I know where forms are truly ideal.
It is Pure Land, the realm with ultimately refined forms.
If this flawed world exists, then a flawless one even more!

Student: Is Pure Land real?
Master: Is this world [of delusions] real?
Student: Yes.
Master: Then Pure Land [the world without delusions] is even more real!

16 thoughts on “Plato’s ‘Pure Land’

  1. It’s important to note that even the Buddha made 500 great vows as a Bodhisattva. And Amituofo made 48 great vows. Were the Buddhas obsessed? No, as the vows shape their aspirations, which set clear directions. (Vowing to reach Pure Land is but 1 vow, which can lead to the fulfilment of countless other vows for benefiting other beings.)

    afooltoo is ‘a fool too’, much like other fools, IF, and only IF they resonate with the ‘poem’ above. But real fools might not even use it for reflection?

    Namo Amituofo

  2. “If one is already so wise and so kind,
    why not teach perfect wisdom with perfect compassion
    to benefit countless like the Buddha now?”

    and also..learning can also come in the form of debating and then learning from one is really interesting that way!!!

  3. Why look for a debate
    when one is already in one?

    Why be ‘obsessed with seeing others as obsessed’ (1)
    if one is already obsessed? [E.g. Refer to (1)]

    Why is the truth not worth defending
    is it is the truth?

  4. yes!!! that is exactly what i mean in the 1st place!!!!

    please link >>>> Why be ‘obsessed with seeing others as obsessed’ with >>>> then why is pure land perfect? is it just a perfect manifestation or another representation of your desiring for perfection?

    amithaba if u got it!!!

  5. From Nemo: ‘Pure Lands are perfect in the sense they are created and maintained via the perfect compassion and wisdom of Buddhas. They are not manifestations of our worldly desires but the perfect manifestations of enlightened compassion, for guiding beings to Buddhahood. For more on the excellence of reaching Amituofo’s Pure Land, please see Namo Amituofo [Aspiring to reach Pure Land does represent the strife for perfection.]

    Strong Aspiration (Vow) is needed to be born in Pure Land, along with Strong Faith and Strong Practice. This is not obsession. Please be humble to learn about the Pure Land teachings, that have benefited countless people for centuries as the most widely practised Mahayana teachings. Please see Namo Amituofo’

    Yong Jie, the links have wonderful Dharma. Why not study them fully? It beats ‘debating’ here. If you are trying to point out something, I’m afraid I don’t get it. Because I’m afooltoo. Here are nice cartoons to share:


    02. 念佛保康寧。周乃勳




    Namo Amituofo

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