Is Meditation Dangerous?

From a Facebook discussion, a friend got this reply from his friend when he said he’s going to learn what I assume to be Buddhist meditation:

‘You should believe in God. Although meditation may bring benefits according to reports, it is dangerous and devil may infiltrate your mind. Believe in the Lord and you will have peace.’

My reply: ‘Er… meditation is to (mindfully) protect the mind from inner and outer demons with (among other things, when practised properly) :-]’ (It is more dangerous not to meditate!)

4 thoughts on “Is Meditation Dangerous?

  1. sometimes i wonder if ppl who say that the “devil” will penetrate our mind when we meditate are aware of what they are saying, or are thus parroting someone else’s statement. i used to just smile to such statements, or explain if i find the person is willing to listen. after reading what you have written above, now i have another angle on meditation to offer them. excellent post:)

  2. Shian’s reply is excellent when we speak to ppl who have knowledge of Buddhism but have yet to delve into meditation. But would it not be confusing to speak at this level to ppl who are not familiar with the Buddhadharma and also wary of meditation?

  3. Hi Bala, i’m glad the answer is helpful!

    Hi HL, i guess we do need to explain a little at least, on what meditation is about. E.g. meditation always involves mindfulness, and when the practitioner is mindful, the person is not only in control, but in control greater than usual. As such, it’s not possible to ‘lose one’s mind’ thru meditation. In fact, one becomes a better master of the mind!



  4. People have very little knowledge beyond their own faith they practice. On top of that, some religions/sects like Islam don’t value such concepts.
    Meditation, in most of its forms, is beautiful.

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