The Seven Kinds Of Refuge

As generally defined, seven kinds of refuge. Which one are you?
Generally, any form of refuge missing Dharma is spiritually unsafe.
In the absence of Buddha and Sangha, is refuge in Dharma enough?

Refuge In The Single Gem

1. Refuge in Buddha:
Faith in Buddha without learning Dharma from Sangha
2. Refuge in Dharma:
Practice of Dharma without faith in Buddha or seeing worth in learning from Sangha
3. Refuge in Sangha:
Devotion to one or more monastics without learning or practising the BuddhaDharma

Refuge In The Double Gem

4. Refuge in Buddha and Dharma:
Faith in Buddha with learning and practising of Dharma
5. Refuge in Dharma and Sangha:
Learning and practising of Dharma from Sangha without wanting to be Buddha
6. Refuge in Buddha and Sangha:
Faith in Buddha with devotion to monastics without learning and practising Dharma

Refuge In The Triple Gem

7. Seeing interconnected worth in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha