Blind, Deaf & Foolish

I am partly blind
because I cannot see everything yet.
May I be humble to remember this.

I am partly deaf
because I cannot hear everything yet.
May I be humble to remember this.

I am partly foolish
because I cannot know everything yet.
May I be humble to remember this.

2 thoughts on “Blind, Deaf & Foolish

  1. The very 5 senses we rely on is also the very faculties we are limited by. That’s why humans invented devices to help their faculties extend their reach. We invented the telescope and the microscope and the moment they unify with our senses. Our senses becomes amplified and the reality of the truth of things around us becomes clearer. The most amazing thing about Buddhism is that the Buddha without the use of the microscope and telescope can peer into the reality of things through spirituality. That really is a cut above what materialistic forms can provide us. Our reality of things is really limited by what we can see, hear and know. But being born as a precious human form. While we cannot fly like a bird. We can build forms to extend our capabilities. While we cannot run as fast as a cheetah, we can invent vehicles that help up level up. The greatest gift mankind has is his mind and Buddhism trains your mind to penetrate into the reality of things. Like the different interchangeable camera lenses one can equip oneself to take images of different perspectives. If only we can put on our dharma lenses, the way to liberation is simply as close as this moment.

  2. In Pure Land, there will be supernormal powers of the senses for mastering the Dharma, thanks to Amita Buddha’s blessings!

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