Have Any Co-pilot?

A dialogue from the movie ‘Up In The Air’:

Ryan: Kara mentioned that you were having some thoughts.
Jim: I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do this.
Ryan:: Why would you say that today?
Jim: Well, last night I was kind of laying in bed and I couldn’t get to sleep, so I started thinking about the wedding ceremony, and about buying a house and moving in together, and having a kid, and then having another kid. And then Christmas and Thanksgiving and spring break and going to football games. And then all of a sudden, they’re graduating, they’re getting jobs, and they’re getting married, and you know I’m a grandparent. And then I’m retired. I’m losing my hair. I’m getting fat. And then the next thing you know, I’m dead. I’m just, like… I can’t stop from thinking, ‘What’s the point?’ I mean, what is the point?
Ryan: The point?
Jim: Yeah, I mean, what am I starting here?
Ryan: Jim, it’s marriage. It’s one if the most beautiful things on earth. It’s what people aspire to.

Jim: You never got married.
Ryan: That’s true.
Jim: I mean, you never even tried.
Ryan: Well, it’s hard to define try.
Jim: I don’t know, just… You seem happier than all my married friends.

Ryan: Look, Jim, I’m not going to lie to you. Marriage can be a pain in the ass. And you’re kind of right. This all is just stuff that leads to your eventual demise.
Jim: Yes.
Ryan:: And we’re all running clocks, and they can’t be slowed down or paused, and you know, we all end up in the same place.
Jim: Yeah.
Ryan:: There is no point.
Jim: That’s what I’m saying.

Ryan: You know, I’m not normally the guy you talk to about stuff like this. If you think about it, your favourite memories, the most important moments in your life, were you alone?
Jim: No, I guess not.
Ryan: Hey, come to think of it, last night, the night before your wedding, when all this shit is swirling around In your head, weren’t you guys sleeping in separate bedrooms?
Jim: Yeah, Julie went back to the apartment, and I was just by myself in the honeymoon suite.
Ryan: Kind of lonely, huh?
Jim: Yes, it was pretty lonely.
Ryan: Life’s better with company.
Jim: Yeah.
Ryan: Everybody needs a co-pilot.
Jim: That was a nice touch.
Ryan: Thanks.

Yet, the truth is, some of us never find a co-pilot.
Should they suffer then?
Not necessarily.

And some never feel the need for one.
Should they feel the need for one then?
Not necessarily.

And even having one doesn’t mean s/he will always be there
because conflict or death
can do both apart.

Who or what is the ultimate co-pilot?
The Threefold Refuge in the Triple Gem!
The deepest and most constant relationship ever.

May more singles and couples
take spiritual flight with this co-pilot,
from Samsara towards Nirvana.

Good spiritual friends who motivate us
to be motivated by the Triple Gem
are good co-pilots too!

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