Such Nonsense

It’s okay, such nonsense,
this (somewhat) nonsensical place
with (some) nonsensical people
with (some) nonsensical matters,
because I’m leaving this behind.

It’s okay, such nonsense,
not that I’m condescending or heartless,
as I’m going to Pure Land
to better my compassion and wisdom
to return better transform this nonsense later.

In the mean time,
I’m not going to let this nonsense
hamper my way to Pure Land.
Just do my best to better Samsara now,
which would better help me reach Pure Land too.

1 thought on “Such Nonsense

  1. Pureland rocks becos it’s where nobody falls and it’s totally free from celestial politics. It is a place free from autocratic rule and we shall learn to be a boat to others rather than being concern with getting onto the boat.

    Bodhisattvas do not degenerate or regress.. It is precisely so that true eternity is found. Hell is unheard of. Where then can we fall? Bodisattvas are practitioners. It’s only when one practice that makes one perfect.

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