Universal Virus & Cure

‘Independence Day’ re-screening on TV tonight
reminds me of how simplistic the idea is,
of being able to write a computer virus to disable alien invaders’ spaceships.
(What programming language do they use anyway?)

That said, alien or human,
we suffer from the same triple virus of the three poisons (greed, hate, delusion).
The cure is the same – generosity, loving-kindness and wisdom.
(This prevents instead of making extra/terrestrial wars.)

1 thought on “Universal Virus & Cure

  1. I wished aliens would come and visit earth because 2500 years ago. The Buddha already spoke of life on other planets without modern technology. If they do come. I hope they come in peace and who knows. They may bring with them the dharma based on buddhas who chose to descend onto their planet. After all, Buddhism is a cosmic religion. The Buddha himself is a walking cosmic encycopedia.

    The human mind is so powerful that we can tap into our consciousness to come up with something like an Internet that opens up a virtual dimension. I believe if we can develop spiritually. We can open up other dimensions that is latent within our minds.

    There’s a little universe within us. There’s a big universe outside us. Since we are a part or a fragment of the universe. The knowledge of the universe is already latent within us. Just like a drop of sea water is no different from the big sea for it is many drops of sea water that collectively makes the sea.

    Be warned. Aliens without training in dharma are highly aggressive for they too are plagued by anger, desire and ignorance. The same sort of desire of mankind to bring all under one have sparked off many historical examples of war. Similarly if aliens have the same desire to conquer and eliminate us fully, then it will be another war in the history of man.

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