Turning The Wheel

Gift of vegetarian mid-autumn mooncakes on teacher’s day from M & Y with post-it that says ‘法轮常转’ (May the wheel of the Dharma keep turning) and thanks :-] My thanks in return, for appreciating the Dharma-sharing! Let’s all keep turning the wheel in ways we can! Amituofo

(Written later) Interestingly, a friend noted that on the post-it, what written was 佛法长住 (May the Dharma last a long time). Somehow, in my mind, it ‘translated’ to be 法轮常转. I think this is because I see 佛法长住 as a goal, which cannot be reached without the process of turning the Dharma wheel, which is why I focused on what is needed now instead.

From https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150295986514001&set=a.81813749000.76674.573049000&type=1&theater