For What Purpose?

A: Someone wants to meet me.
B: For what purpose?
A: The purpose is not clear.
B: There is no clear purpose to meet then?

A: Maybe the person wants to apologise or clarify something?
B: Apologise and clarify over what?
A: On some past online communication?
B: Why not do it online if it was all along online?

A: Maybe the person has something to say that can’t be put in words online?
B: Can the person communicate without using words when offline then?
A: Probably not.
B: There is no clear purpose to meet then?

A: Seems cold to reject meeting?
B: It is better to avoid a meeting with no clear purpose.
A: Why?
B: If online communication did led to problems, offline communication might lead to more?

A: Should there be absolutely no meeting then?
B: If the context is clearly purposeful, as in a class, it would be better.
A: What if the subject is too personal for open discussion?
B: You wouldn’t know since ‘the purpose is not clear’?

A: It could be some family issues.
B: Why not advise accordingly?
A: Did so. Seems like there is a family member involved, who seems unhappy with further interaction.
B: Family classes and counselling by neutral professionals can be recommended.

A: The person later said that family member is no longer unhappy.
B: So are things really okay now?
A: Am unsure as there are recurring cycles of serious unhappiness.
B: Out of compassion and wisdom, it is better not to meet then.

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2 thoughts on “For What Purpose?

  1. (L) Just for sharing. I know of people who prefer talking to writing. Their strength lies in oral communication rather than written communication. They are articulate when talking but not when writing.

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