Carnival Of Love?

An event’s marketing material:

‘Vesak Day Carnival: Loving the World!…
Food Fun: … Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian…
let’s increase our awareness and efforts in…
reducing our consumption to save our planet Earth…’

‘Loving the world?’ The world includes animals. ‘Food fun’? It’s no fun for animals to become food for anyone’s carnival. May ALL beings be well and happy, be it on Vesak or any other day. ‘Save our planet Earth’? Isn’t this already common knowledge, from UN’s famous FAO report? That support for meat is the #1 cause of the climate crisis, responsible for than 18% of greenhouse gases, more than that from all motor vehicles of the world combined.

‘Reducing consumption to save our planet Earth’ thus begins with reducing meat intake. Yes indeed, ‘let’s increase our awareness and efforts’ – please at least go meatless on Buddhism’s biggest day. It’s Vesak after all, why not make it a truly loving celebration for all beings great and small? The Buddha would surely prefer it that way. Why feed the demand for slaughter? Why attract folks with meat? What if they relish in the eating and demand more, year after year? If you are part of the management or know the management, can you share this message with them? Happy Vesak!

3 thoughts on “Carnival Of Love?

  1. Vesak celebrations shldn’t be about fun and food… it shld be more geared towards precepts, samadhi and wisdom development and respect for the triple gems. But I guess in the Dharma ending age food and fun is what ppl look for…

    It’s really sad that celebrations of Vesak has reduced to the need to use even non-vegetarian food to attract people to just turn up 🙁 To think that just without meat for one day people will not bother to go and celebrate… that’s really unthinkable.

  2. Well said, dreamy.

    Vesak is to remember to wake up
    to greater compassion and wisdom for all beings!


  3. I am eating a lot of bread or types of bread, mnnaieg tortillas, naan bread, etc. I cannot have butter anymore. I left that stage 14 days ago, which is the length of time I have been on the vegan portion of the trip. This will last another month, at which point I will switch to a raw foods diet for the final two weeks.

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