Contrast Of Comfort Zone Vs Dukkha

E: Perhaps, what Prince Siddhartha’s (the Buddha-to-be) Father did was right! Provided him only with the best of best things since young. Thus, when he saw the extent of suffering, he became so disturbed that he sought the truth out of compassion.

S: Interesting take on how the Father’s fear unwittingly urged his son to awaken to compassion!

On the contrary, we are so used to this reality, and in addition to our own ignorance, we are further convinced by the others’ ignorance that it’s normal and do nothing about it ~ Amitoufo (to replace a ‘sigh’)!

S: Probably the average person shielded from suffering will not awaken as much as the Prince. He was special after all, on the brink of Buddhahood in his lifetime. Most of us are ignorant indeed. We need to work harder.

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