How Not To Teach (1)

I heard a Dharma teacher saying she encountered another Dharma teacher, who was supposedly an expert in teaching about emptiness, who is however very particular about the tea he drinks. She thought it was ironical, and laughs, as one versed in emptiness should also practise non-attachment to particular forms.

About an hour later, she asks the audience if they have any questions. Someone asks a reasonable question. Instead of answering directly, she asks why his arms are folded. He replies that the air-con is cold. She asks for the temperature to be increased. And asks him to continue asking. (Recall attachment case above. The pot calling the kettle black!)

Again, instead of answering directly, she gives a short reply, and asks him not to be lazy, to read up more on his own. Er… she is the one who welcomed questions, right? And he never demanded a detailed answer. She next scolds him for crossing his legs, claiming it is disrespectful. Classic ad hominem attack of the person instead of tackling the question properly!

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