Is Cruelty To Animals Ever Exaggerated?

Q: Some material in pro-vege talks seem overly exaggerated.

A: Which material do you feel are exaggerated? Do share. Can you find on the internet graphics of the animals being treated or slaughtered in non-horrible ways, that you feel will be equally, if not more effective in awakening our conscience and compassion? Do share. Even the mildest killing scene will look gruesome because killing always is.

We owe it to the animals we eat to see how they suffer. There is simply no humane way to kill any animal. No mass-murderer who continually kills other humans can justify any of his murders by insisting that the killed ones already led sufficiently good lives. If so, the unrealistic imagination that ‘many’ animals led ‘good’ lives before being slaughtered can never justify their suffering either – because being unwillingly enslaved and unhappily killed are already, and will always be inhumane atrocities. If so, why support such acts by our purchasing power? Let us begin making kinder choices today. (Remember… It’s not all or nothing. When the buying lessens, the killing lessens. It’s simple economics of supply and demand.)

Usually, only short videos of animals suffering in amongst the worst case scenarios are shown. But they endure suffering all their drastically shortened lives – for every second, even if in less terrible scenarios. Such videos are in fact only the tip of the iceberg of much more undocumented animal suffering in the world. Even sight of so much suffering in short videos, sadly, I guarantee, isn’t enough to persuade all meat-lovers to eat less meat. Any less might have even less effect. The fact that none of us will ever know how much suffering the individual animals we eat go through means we owe it to them to imagine they had the worst suffering – because it IS indeed possible.

If even humans mistreat humans, all the more will they mistreat animals. It is about the inhumanity of killing, not about the illusion that there is ever any ‘nice’ killing in the greed-driven fast-paced industry of animal exploitation. Hope you understand it is necessary to show great suffering, and not pretend or let anyone assume all is fine… because it isn’t… at all.