In the movie ‘Werewolf: The Beast Among Us’, Daniel reads this from a book, ‘But just as the beast lives inside the man by day, the man may live inside the beast by night.’ Kind of true but then again, our bestial nature can reside in us by night, and humanity in animals by day too.

Spoiler ahead… Doc, Daniel’s teacher tells him, as the latter runs away with the horrific discovery that he is the werewolf everyone, including himself has been hunting for, ‘You can run as far as you like, Daniel, you can’t run away from yourself!’ This is not exactly true, because we can renounce our demons diligently too, who are not our real selves anyway, which Daniel later does. When you purge the demonic within, you become heroic. Until then, you are just demonic.

Werewolf movies reminds us that there are many kinds of monsters… There are the werebeasts, who are also werehumans, depending on which side is more in control at the moment. No one, even beasts, are bestial all the time. Unfortunately, relatively few humans are always humane too. Even if werewolves are but the stuff of legends, we, who are already weredemons to some extent can evolve to be more werebuddha-ish too – till we are no more demonic within and without; total Buddhas through and through!