New Green Pasture Cafe

NewGreenPastureCafe-loIt has been a while since my last visit to New Green Pasture Cafe. Perhaps because it’s on the 4th floor of Fortune Centre (Singapore) and there are plenty of other choices for vegans on the ground and second floor. Anyway, that day, I thought a change would be nice, and so up I went to the 4th floor for dinner.

The menu is simply photographed and pinned on a board. I like the idea of this menu tagged with prices. One does not have to guess how the food looks like and if they are affordable. For some of us, imagination is just not our forte. There are probably more than 10 dishes (my guess only as I didn’t really count). They have local delights like laksa, and international favourites like Japanese Bento set, Korean Bibimbap set, Vietnamese Rolls and such.

Oh, and they are all organic, free of GMO. I hope you enjoy as much as I do, bon appétit!

Below are what I ordered on different occasions:
1. Free Soup Of The Day (changes everyday)
2. Tofu Sushi Rolls
3. Hainan Noodle
4. Penang Asam Laksa
5. Thai Laksa
6. Korean Bibimbap With Kimchi
7. Hot Barley Tea
8. Hot Lemongrass Tea

FreeSoupOfTheDay-loTofuSushiRoll-loHainanNoodle-loAsamLaksa-loThaiLaksa-loBimbibaWithKimchi-loHotBarley-lo    HotLemongrassTea-lo

If all these still can’t satisfy your tastebuds, they have a variety of healthy stuff for you to buy home.