Laksa: A Vegan Version

Laksania loMost Singaporeans love laksa. Personally, it is one of my favourite local delights. My craving for laksa didn’t stop even when I became vegan. I’m thrilled whenever I know there are vegan versions of laksa. When I come across vegetarian places selling laksa, I will definitely first make sure they use coconut milk and not of cow milk, before ordering a bowl to tuck in. I’m glad there is much good vegan laksa in Singapore.

This leads me to the next eatery that I would like to share with everyone. I found Laksania while was at a shopping mall one late Sunday afternoon. At first I was skeptical whether I would found anything to eat at Laksania. In most non-specifically vegan restaurants, one can seldom find vegan version of laksa. But my curiosity beat me to it and I found myself checking out the menu. To my surprise and delight, they do have a vegan version. After checking with the manager, I’m glad they use good old coconut milk. The money was well spent as the laksa was really good, it is thick and creamy with coconut milk yet not overwhelming. The laksa goreng is the fried version of the traditional soup laksa. The idea of using laksa paste to fry the noodle was rather new but it doesn’t lose the laksaness at all. The meal would be perfect if you order a glass of lemongrass to go with it. Bon appétit!

Below is what I ordered:
1. Traditional laksa
2. Laksa goreng with mock chicken balls (If you do not take garlic or onion, please let them know when you order)

Laksa lo LaksaGoreng lo