Real Food @ Novena Revisited

SeatingsWhen Real Food opened a branch at Novena, I was really thrilled. I remember telling a friend who lives nearby that finally some good eateries (e.g. Brownice too) are available near our area.

Real Food offers something different from our usual Chinese mixed vegetables rice. Real Food, unlike many other eateries, are free from processed ingredients, artificial preservatives, trans-fats and well of course meat. (To be really healthy, they should consider go one step further by cutting cheese off the menu entirely though.) They pride themselves for making their own sauces for wrapping their own dumplings and by making sure no microwave, pre-packed, processed food, or chemicals like MSG, Sodium Aluminium Phosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate or any other flavourings that start with the letter E followed by numbers are used in their food. A place I can safely say everyone can have a hearty meal. (Just avoid the cheese-added dishes.)

As mentioned on their official website, the pricing is often their biggest complaint received. Being a peasant myself, I do agree that it’s costlier. But I feel it is money well spent. Eating well is prevention of diseases. The amount one were to otherwise spend on medical bills nowadays is skyrocketing beyond the price of eating real and safe food. It makes more sense to pay more to eat well than to pay for medical bills due to unhealthy food. As how basic economics works, if demand for real food is high, supply will definitely increase and therefore prices for real food will eventually decrease. To make real food a norm, we need to start feeding ourselves with it.

Real Food Novena opened on 14 December 2012. Needless to say, we have already patronised Real Food Novena more than once. It is a relatively huge place with a few different seating arrangements, plus one small area for groceries and a hidden kitchen. It has low lighting in most areas but is rather cosy. A good place for nice cuppa, or a good chat with friends.

Oh, another good point about Real Food Novena is that all their dishes are by default free of garlic and onion unless they are wanted (which is not so for the other two outlets, so do check with the counter staff there upon ordering). Other than that, it’s a almost a haven for strict Buddhists. Having said so much, I hope you pay them a visit. Bon Appétit!

Below are a few dishes we tried over the years:
1. Organic Potato Wedges
2. Stuffed Veggie (Salad)
3. Dumpling Soup
4. Dumpling Soup with added Noodle
5. Assorted Vegetable Balls Pasta
6. Organic Fried Quinoa
7. Beet (Millet) Burger

Below are dishes from other outlets but available in Novena Branch:
8. Fried Dumplings
9. Organic Fried No0dle
10. Dumpling Noodle Dried

Real Food Novena’s layout
11. Main Counter
12. Pastries Counter (there’s an vegan ice cream counter on the right corner of the main counter)
13. One of the Seating Areas
14. Organic Groceries
15. Hidden Kitchen

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