‘The Grandmaster’ Regrets?

Here are some extended snippets from a chat on the movie ‘The Grandmaster’ with a friend on the nature of regrets…

‘ 人生若没一丝遗憾,那多无趣啊。’
(‘If life is without a tinge of regret,
that would be so uninteresting!’)

Oh, the horror of such a typical ‘romantic’ statement (as abridged, that we came across online)! Who needs 遗憾 (regret)? As Milarepa said,

‘My religion is to live 
and die without regret.’

Can’t agree more. (Why even leave a trace, a sliver of regret?)…

Reading Dharma-less stuff by others often remind me of how most love being in Samsara, being samsaric, (It’s existentially cringe-worthy)… I was also once a little like that. Used to be melancholic with worldly philosophical ideas till I realised how lame they were in comparison with the Dharma…

(About romantic regrets,) it is senseless when some pine for each other with no avail due to whatever reasons. Why not just let go graciously and be friends then? What’s wrong with that? There is no need for regrets. However, many are not mature enough for the Dharma’s nobler ‘spiritual romance’, towards great heroic unbound and unconditioned compassion for all! As Stonepeace put it, if I remember correctly,

‘If you heart becomes so big,
that it encompasses all,
it will have no place to break.’

Ah! The truly immeasurable love of Buddhas! Let’s all work towards that.

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