8 ‘Koans’ On Freedom Of Speech

#1: Mindfulness

What is the right measure for your freedom of speech,
with how much mindfulness of motivations and consequences,
how much control for restraint and responsibility?

#2: Criticism

How self-critical should you be,
before you criticise others
for not being self-critical enough?

#3: Worthiness

Is every belief system totally and equally
worthy of praise and respect,
to be left as they are to grow?

#4: Dogma

Are there dogmatic doctrines
beyond reproach,
that cannot be censured?

#5: Chaos

What if some practices upheld
bring chaos to the world,
and wreck violence upon others?

#6: Respect

How do you respect
those who disrespect
those who disagree?

#7: Voice

Will you speak up
if it is considered religiously right
to crush those who speak up?

#8: Action

Will you take any action first,
before action is taken against you?
What action will you take?

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