Coherence: Wandering Thought #266

Coherence: Wandering Thought #266

We sometimes live confused lives because we lack effort in striving for coherence. Here is a simple way to go towards greater clarity. Use a journal or start a blog. List your current dissatisfactions, followed by an analysis of their causes. Seek second opinions if needed for greater coherence. Next, list what you hope to achieve by the end of this life, in the spiritual and worldly sense, followed by drafting and streamlining the path to reach it all. Again, seek second opinions for greater coherence. (This happens to be the structure of the Four Noble Truths taught by the Buddha.)

Writing is useful because penned words reflect the mind’s thoughts, letting them take shape and form clear directions. This is versus letting thoughts wander in circles and going off tangent indefinitely, creating further confusion. The more regularly you write, the more will your messy thoughts iron themselves out. But remember – this is but the process of thinking through and stating the symptoms, causes, cure and prescription for your troubles in mind. The crucial final step needed is to follow the prescribed. Otherwise, coherence is attained only on paper; not in real life. Make it real. Make it work. If it does not work well, review your prescription. Again, seek second opinions. (How about looking into the Buddha’s teachings for inspiration?)

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