Rejoice: Wandering Thought #267

Rejoice: Wandering Thought #267

One of the easiest ways to be genuinely happier is to genuinely rejoice at the genuine goodness of others. Such goodness can be in terms of their good character, good fortune (that is well deserved) and good deeds. Rejoice by complimenting and encouraging sincerely and generously. After all, every good turn deserves another, at least by being praised. Rejoice also counters jealousy, which is one of the silent killjoys lurking at the back of the mind. Try to be a genuine cause for rejoice too, by having better character and doing more good.

The opposite of going for rejoice is preferring to complain. Not that to complain is surely wrong, as it is sometimes necessary, even publicly to chide and warn, but it should be more solution-oriented than to merely harp on the problem. Complain with kindness instead, to make things better, not worse. What is the point, after all, of lamenting for lamenting’s sake, to only spread bitterness. Try to never be a cause for complaint too, such as by complaining too much. Again, why not focus on having better character and doing more good?

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