Stonepeace (676–685)


If you are not committed to your word,
you are not committed to the truth.
If you are not committed to the truth,
you can never realise the truth.


If you do not believe that
there is reason for everything,
you are being somewhat
unreasonable for some things.


If you ever so-called ‘idle’ at all,
do it meaningfully, restfully and reflectively.
Otherwise, your ‘idling’ is good for nothing.
In other words, never really idle at all.


If you spend much of your time
musing over and doing the trivial,
you trivialise much of your life.


Do what you need for to live physically.
While doing that ethically,
do what you need to grow spiritually.


The small-minded are obstructed
even by small matters,
making them become great obstacles
that hold them back.

The big-hearted can overcome
even big matters,
making them become stepping stones
that push them ahead.


If your helping is not purely
out of selfless compassion,
it could be partly
for selfish recognition.


Be rational, but not too ‘rational’,
or you become unkind.
Be kind, but not too ‘kind’,
or you become irrational.


It is unkind to be gentle
when you need to be stern.
It is unkind to be stern
when you need to be gentle.


The over-suspicious mistake
their speculations as truths.
The over-trusting mistake
their assumptions as truths.

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