Idealisation: Wandering Thought #268

Idealisation: Wandering Thought #268

We have an innate yearning to discover and adore heroes, both deceased and alive. This is why superstars have millions of hardcore fans, in the eyes of whom can do no wrong. Even their not so good songs and movies can become excusable, rationalised as unconventional creative efforts. This is the power of idealisation, that over-idealises idols despite their human imperfections. Usually, such idealisation does not endure for long, when their faults seep through too much, or when the next better player comes along.

Our wish to look up to model examples motivates us though, to emulate the perceived ideals represented. The question to ask is who our true model example should be, who represents our cherished ideals. Who truly embodies and expresses all virtues perfectly? Who is truly genius? Who is truly enduring as inspiration? And most importantly, who truly urges us to become the ideal, like them? Do choose mindfully, for he or she will have the power to shape your life. (I have chosen the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.)

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