Regrets: Wandering Thought #278

Regrets: Wandering Thought #278:

To exhaust all physical sense pleasures (e.g. seeing nice forms, hearing good music, tasting delicious food…) is not the true way to live without regrets.

This is so as one might, on the deathbed, realise that one had been pursuing the fleeting and unsubstantial all along, mistaking them to be the sources of True Happiness.

It would be too late for regrets then, as all pleasures finally slip away… unless one thinks in terms of getting a future life, which is nevertheless futile if merely for further pursuit of false happiness.

Thus, the true way to live and die without regrets must be to advance towards attainment of the lasting and substantial. This goal of True Happiness is definitely of the spiritual, which transcends the physical, as all that is physical in our world expires, as do our bodies in death.

While we need the physical to live well now, and do enjoy the physical to some extent, we should thus not be limited by indulgence and addiction till we forget to advance spiritually. To grow in qualities such as wisdom and compassion is the path to True Happiness. Wisdom is the realisation of the way all things truly are, so as to make peace with reality, and compassion is to share this wisdom with all.

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