Stonepeace (846–855)


All suffering is needless,
due to greed,
hatred and delusion,
which are also needless.


When clear questions
are not clearly answered,
the questioned
are clearly questionable.


With double standards
for self-centred benefits,
they will karmically
double back to harm oneself.


Those adapt at
openly playing victim
are often also adapt at
insidiously playing victimisers.


Beware of those who play with words,
as they are those who play with your mind
and its perception of the truth.


The more old lies
are defended with new lies,
the wider the web of deceit spun
that more fully traps.


More treacherous than lies
which are clearly non-truths
are half-truths
and halves of half-truths.


Forget not
original questions asked,
or get not
original answers sought.


Deceptive ones obfuscate endlessly.
Truthful ones clarify directly.


Bigger problems arise
with claims of some problems being personal,
when they do reflect bigger problems for all.