Stonepeace (856-865)


Unless you look further and think deeper,
your perception of ‘truth’
remains controlled by your information sources.


If even the compassionate Buddha
welcomed dialogue with the disagreeable,
to share the truth,
so should we.


There is no fruitful dialogue
with those of similar views;
there is only pointless monologue.


If indifference to differences
makes no clear difference,
why not sort them out clearly?


When all meant to be ‘objective’ serve your interests,
this ‘freedom’ from conflict
IS full of conflicts of interest.


Humble confidence
welcomes any criticism.
Arrogant cowardice
suppresses all criticism.


Even if much personal benefits
always are at stake,
may no personal integrity
ever be at stake.


Excess power wielded by one
is illusion of great power,
with one being
one’s own weakest link.


When unclear ‘answers’
cannot be clearly questioned,
they are clearly questionable.


May all learn by discerning
personal and universal
lessons in all matters.