Stonepeace (876-885)


Since even the Buddha
discourages blind faith in him,
never ever encourage blind faith
in any Buddhist teacher.


When long available opportunities
to apologise and clarify
are not taken up,
all benefits of doubt expire.


With reasonable replies amiss 
on many pressing moral issues, 
it is reasonable to think 
there is much evil hidden.


It is unreasonable 
to not give reasonable answers 
to reasonable questions asked.


Those who are ‘unquestionable’
are those who are questionable.


As the Buddha urged questioning, 
to analyse and realise his teachings, 
never learn from the ‘unquestionable.’


To question teachings and teachers 
is NOT to slander the Dharma or Sangha. 
Those who say it is slander those who ask.


Always question 
why you are told to
never question.


Doubt those who do not
doubt the doubtful.
Question those who do not
question the questionable.


Always systematically analyse systems.
Never automatically follow systems.