Stonepeace (886-895)


We only become upset
at the so-called ‘upsetting’
because we are ‘upsettable’.


It is pointless to claim 
past ill predictions to be right, 
while the point is to ensure 
the future to be bright.


You will never
feel the best you can
if you never
do the best you can.


Never mistake your greed as pure aspirations, 
your hatred as pure righteousness, 
and your delusions as pure truths.


What matters more than
making each breath last is
making each breath accomplish 
the worthy and lasting.



When with pain and suffering is 
when negative karma obstructs. 
When negative karma obstructs is 
when there should be Nianfo 
(mindfulness of Buddha).
When there is Nianfo is 
when there is eradication of negative karma. 
When there is eradication of negative karma is 
when there is departure from suffering. 
When there is departure from suffering is 
when there is attainment of bliss.



Mindful of pain, 
pain becomes more pain [due to aggravation];
Mindful of Buddha and not mindful of pain,
Body and mind attain gentle suppleness; 
Peace and bliss without pain and suffering.  


Why be positive or negative,
when you can be objective?
Why be optimistic or pessimistic,
when you can be realistic?


Follow only
reasonable rules
that do not rule out
questioning their reasonability.


Looking for ‘nectar’ in problematic ‘teachings’, 
you might be poisoned unknowingly. 
Thus, avoid them all.