Stonepeace (896-905)


The devious will always 
try to render major issues 
as small issues or non-issues.


Never let the superficial 
distract from the actual.


Only the untruthful
can be ‘ransomed’
by the truthful.


It is never the truth;
but liars’ fear of it, 
that ‘threatens’ them.


The always ‘questionable’ are more trustworthy,
than those who always evade good questions.


Remorse demands actual remedial action;
not mere easy tears of ‘regret’,
or fear of retribution.


Life is too short
to have greed
for what cannot
be brought to the next life.


Life is too short
to have hatred,
which cannot better any life.


Life is too short 
to have delusion 
on what can harm this 
and the next life.


Spiritual fulfilment is simply
going from the meaningless
towards the meaningful.