Stonepeace (906-920)


There might be need to be firm,
by manifesting wrath to right wrongs,
but there is never need to be really angry.


Be well-motivated not greedy,
calm not angry,
clear not deluded,
dignified not arrogant,
and faithful not doubtful.


Bad teachers ‘create’ bad students
who support bad teachers.
May all be good teachers
and students who break the cycle.


Crucial skills are only difficult to master
when they lack
crucial learning and crucial practice.


To not maintain the increase
of your standards
might be to allow the decrease
of your standards.


Worse than a direct liar
who lies about one truth
is a convoluted liar
who lies about more convoluted lies.


Self-centred ‘righteousness’
becomes self-righteousness,
that attempts to be ‘right’
for the wrong reason.


The more blessings you share,
the more blessings you create.


Never make excuses for one
who never makes amends,
especially oneself.


Be grateful if others
have helped you.
Be remorseful if you
have harmed others.


Listen to the message
with its tone
to hear the reason
with its emotion.


Those sincere to make amends
do so immediately.
Those insincere to make amends
talk about doing so later.


‘Taking responsibility’
without facing consequences
is not ‘taking responsibility’;
it is being irresponsible.


Mind your heart and mind well
because no one else
can mind them for you.


The ‘devil’ is in the details
of the seemingly ‘reasonable’ deal
signed with the ‘devil’.