Stonepeace (921-930)


Even if you dance with the ‘devil’,
he can trample on your toes
and trip you at any time.


Leaders’ failure to lead
arise before
followers’ failure to follow.


Open accusations require open clarifications,
the lack of which requires the end of open trust.


True News:
Saying some news is false
without justification
does not make it untrue.
Such claims are often
the actual fake news.


Talk and sort it out.
Not shut and fight it out.


See the seen as they are,
not as ‘you’ are,
including your’self’.



Having personally made a mistake, do not give up on oneself.
With repentance thus does one become worthy.
When another makes a mistake, why be angry?
With a mind of hatred, one cannot become worthy.


Some speak to
share the truth mindfully.
Some shout to
show their delusion mindlessly.


Only ‘argue’ for the truth,
not for your view as the ‘truth’.


Lament less.
Resolve more.