Stonepeace (951-960)


With time always running out,
why only hope to do better later?
Why not start doing better now?


Those sincere about improvement
take definitive action,
while those insincere
only talk about it indefinitely.


Those who only lament
of their suffering
without taking the action
needed to overcome it
will suffer on until they do.


If more good opportunities
are wanted,
more heavy responsibilities
should be expected.


That you cling to is
that you are limited by.


There is venting
from being pent-up
only when there is clinging
to something.


When one keeps
openly talking nonsense,
it might be diversion
from more nonsense
that is secretly being done.



When virtuous practices are not enough,
it is difficult to be delivered by others.
When virtuous practices are not enough,
others are difficult to be delivered by you.


Effective art clarifies the abstract.
Ineffective art obfuscates it further.


What is more irritable
than that which irritates me
is that I am irritable.