Stonepeace (941-950)


What you do now decides
if you will look back later
with sadness or gladness.


The corrupt follow the money.
The moral follow their integrity.


Truth is not the delusion you cling to.
Truth is the reality you are open to.


Those who lie
in the name of the Dharma
cannot be trusted
as they do not even believe
they create any negative karma by doing so.


Even a polished liar
is just a liar.
Even an unembellished truthsayer
is still a truthsayer.


Rejoice in others’ good and joy
in creating of merits
is a good and joyful way
to personally create merits too.


Egos that have become
too big and defensive
block out even perfect reasoning,
preventing sense from coming through.


Arrogance is delusion
about one’s ‘strengths’
and ignorance about one’s weaknesses,
including arrogance itself.


Always ‘blame’ yourself first,
before ‘blaming’ others,
for your own karmically manifested suffering.


Even the most appropriate advice
offered most sincerely
will not be appreciated
by its most insincere recipients.
Be not one of them.