Stonepeace (971-980)






Verse On Four Kinds Of Peace

Peacefully abide upon Amituofo’s name,
Peacefully attain birth in his Pure Land,
Peacefully realise patience of non-birth,
Peacefully deliver sentient beings.


If you truly love animals,
love animals not as food,
which they love not to be.

If you truly love plants,
love animals not as food,
as they eat much plants.

If you truly love animals and plants,
eat no animals to harm none, and
eat less plants to harm less.


Be diligent in planting good seeds,
to nurture their growth well.
Be diligent in clearing bad weeds,
to curb their growth well.


Everything seen is itself
and a sign of something else
less easily seen.


Planning for action
is not actual action.


To find your’self’ thoroughly,
first find your’self’ thoroughly lost.


Samsara is only as samsaric as we are,
which unfortunately is what we are,
and why we must practise the Dharma.


Face changes for the worse,
but make changes for the better too.


Why aim only for high quantity?
Why aim only for high quality?
Why not aim for high quantity of high quality?