Stonepeace (981-990)


Only suffer for something.
Never suffer for nothing.


Be true to truth.
Be true to you.
Be true to all.


Do what you need at work,
but never be worked up.
Raise issues when needed,
but never raise your temper.


If you have trust in a teacher,
do follow that taught.
If you lack trust in a teacher,
why follow that taught?


Even a moment’s heroism
for the sake of others
becomes a significant part of eternity.


Being without fear or favour is
being without aversion or attachment,
as powered by delusion.


Ironically, extremists see those who
walk the Bodhisattva path as ‘extremists’,
not knowing they are on the Middle Path.


What not confessed
by yourself soon
might be ‘confessed’
by others later.


To know if you are
a blessing or curse to the world,
ask others if they
would prefer more like you.


Never simply trust those
who simply ask for your trust,
who simply do nothing else
to deserve your trust.

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