Stonepeace (991-1000)


Truly, ‘sincere’ prayers
yet to inspire sincere action
are yet to be truly sincere.


Dangerous to themselves and others
are relentless breakers of precepts,
who are non-believers of karma,
who are nevertheless in its clutches.


Be here now… till there later.
Be here now… there later then.


To learn much faster from all,
never take things personally,
while missing their universal lessons.


If that warned applies to you,
why not beware as warned?
If that warned applies not to you,
why be bothered at all?


To stay simple is to keep the focus.
To stay focused is to do the significant.


If the most sincere ‘you’ meets you now,
what advice would ‘you’ offer to you…
and why do you not sincerely heed it now?


Do you really own
what you really owe,
or does it really own you?


A smart mind
without a good heart
is still heartless.

A good heart
without a wise mind
is still mindless.


Those who fail
ever more properly
are those who succeed
ever more properly.

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