STONEPEACE (1011-1020)


The Buddhadharma is 
the only full solution 
to the problem of 
how to fully overcome 
the suffering of one and all.


The only fault with fault-finding 
is when there is only fault-finding, 
thus not seeing any virtues in others at all.


Those who see no virtues 
in others personally 
lack the virtue of appreciation.


While we can only offer others 
what we have, 
we should also aspire to offer 
what we should.


Claiming truth to be slander,
and slander to be truth
is the most evil slander –
against the truth and the truthful.


The severely deluded see
poor rationalisations of mistakes as truths and
proper admonishments on them as slander.


To awaken those very deluded,
those more awake must
kindly ‘risk’ being disdained,
by sharing the truth with them.


To speak lies with ill will
to delude is slander.
To speak truths with good will
to awaken is compassion.


TRUTHS shared about those
NOT true to the Dharma
in teaching and conduct
to awaken others
is NOT slander.


If saying ‘offensive’ truths is ‘slander’,
the fully awakened who say full truths
would be the greatest ‘offenders’.


The most insufferable 
have so much suffering 
that it spills over 
to give others suffering.

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