STONEPEACE (1051-1060)


Those who only aim 
to lessen their own misgivings 
will never fully eradicate them 
to realise spiritual perfection.


Brainwashers stir up delusional emotions 
to weaken much reason. 
‘Awakeners’ stir up truthful reason 
to weaken such emotions.


Never let those who tell you 
WHAT you should think 
shape HOW you should think.


Underachievers often think 
they have done enough. 
Overachievers seldom think 
they have done enough.


The more strongly invested emotions are, 
the more strongly invested reasoning must be.


To reasonably question 
is not to slander. 
To unreasonably claim it is so 
is the actual slander.


Even the most simple problems 
cannot be solved 
with the most convoluted excuses.


The perspectives of the people 
running any malfunctioning system 
have to be corrected 
before the system can be corrected.





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