#17: Wisdom Quotes Mar20


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#17: Wisdom Quotes

Below are quotes that resonate, from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar Of Wisdom’.    

Remember that to change your opinion and to do everything to correct your mistake is closer to freedom than to persist in your mistake. – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

The spirit cannot due, and therefore those who live a spiritual life cannot die either. – Tolstoy

Death teaches people the ability to live fulfilled lives. And of all the things that could help you to fulfil your life, there is only one: to love without expecting any reward. – Tolstoy

Those very same mistakes which in other people seem glaring and intolerable appear unimportant in ourselves; we are barely aware of them. Some of us, in referring to someone else and painting a really black picture of them, are not aware that we are talking about ourselves.

Nothing would cure us more quickly of our faults than if we were able to see ourselves in other people. In this way, by becoming aware of our faults at a distance and seeing them for what they really are, we would detest them as much as they deserve. – La Bruyere, Characters

People are criticized by not saying anything; 
people are criticized for saying too much;
people are criticized for not saying enough.
There is not a single person who cannot be criticized for something or others. – Dhammapada

Do not trust yourself when everything seems wrapped in gloom, everybody seems at fault, and everybody wants to say or do something unpleasant. Whenever that happens, look upon yourself as if you were drunk and do nothing; just wait until the condition passes. The less you do when you find yourself in that condition, the more quickly it will go away. Such restraint is as necessary as sleep for someone who is drunk. – Tolstoy

The more people believe that some external force, working independently of their will, can bring change and improvement to their lives, the less likely it will be for such change and improvement to take place. – Tolstoy

We can only be totally satisfied with the impression made on us by a work of art when, despite all our intellectual efforts, there is something about it that remains beyond our full comprehension. – Schopenhauer, WWR

Everybody knows the feeling which transcends all the contradictions of our life on earth and which imbues in us the greatest blessing; that feeling is love. – Tolstoy

Love brings people out of themselves, out of their sense of self; if, therefore, someone is suffering, such suffering will be eliminate by love. – Tolstoy