#22: Wisdom Quotes Mar26


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#22: Wisdom Quotes

#22: Wisdom Quotes

Below are quotes that resonate, from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar Of Wisdom’.      

When you have done a good deed for someone and this has borne fruit, why do you look for any additional praise and reward? – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Self-denial is not denial of oneself, but denial of the animal that is within us. – Tolstoy

Those who think only of themselves and seek advantage for themselves in everything cannot be happy. If you wish to live for yourself, then live for others. – Seneca, MLL

The striving for personal happiness is only an extension of the animal within us. A truly human existence begins simply with self-renunciation. – Amiel, PJ

What we call self-renunciation is only the consequence of the transfer of our awareness fro the animal to the spiritual ‘I’. Once this transfer has taken place then what originally seemed to be renunciation no longer appears as such, but simply a movement away from the unnecessary. – Tolstoy

Do not allow yourself to be dominated by the frame of mind of the person who insults you, and do not go down the path along which he would like to lure you. – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

It is very difficult not to agree with our own love of self, and not to like those who approve of us. – Amiel, PJ

It is irrational to worry about fame and whether or not other people approve of you: people can disagree amongst themselves about what they consider to be good, and, in many cases, the very thing which some consider to be good, others will consider to be bad. – Tolstoy

To consider as true everything that is said in a work which is generally recognized to be sacred is to turn these works into idols – and this is more harmful than any other kind of idolatry. – Tolstoy

Most evil committed by people is not the result of some evil will, but because of the dissemination of evil thoughts which people accept on trust. – Tolstoy