#24: Wisdom Quotes Mar26


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#24: Wisdom Quotes

#24: Wisdom Quotes   

Below are quotes that resonate, from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar Of Wisdom’.      

Oh, how happy we are when we are able to live without hating those who hate us!… Oh, how happy we are if we are free from greed amongst the greedy… – Buddhist wisdom

Kindness! The essential flavouring for everything! Without kindness even the very best qualities count for nothing, and, with it, even the worst vices can easily be forgiven. – Tolstoy

Kindness is a basic characteristic of the ‘soul’. If you are not kind, that is only because you have allowed yourself to be affected by some deception, temptation, or passion which has corrupted your natural behaviour. – Tolstoy

To be happy is what we wish for ourselves alone. To be good is what we wish for ourselves and for all people. – Tolstoy

Anyone who is engaged in some truly important matter is always uncomplicated, as they do not have the time to think about anything that is superfluous. – Tolstoy

The more you surround yourself with desires, the more you subject yourself to slavery, since the more you desire, the less free you become. Absolute freedom consists in not wanting anything at all or, failing that, to want only very little. – St John Chrysostom, Homilies

The great virtue of moderation is that it is only when people lead a moderate life that they can live without demands and without envy. – Tolstoy

If people were truly virtuous, they would never depart from the truth. – Tolstoy

If you want to see the moon, look up into the sky, not down into a puddle. – Persian proverb

The fruit of everything you have done from the moment of your birth will perish, as soon as you depart from the truth. – The Laws of Manu