#8: Wisdom Quotes Mar20


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#8: Wisdom Quotes

Below are quotes that resonate, from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar Of Wisdom’.     

Hard work, the practice of one’s skills, is a necessary condition of life. A person might be able to force other people to do things that he needs done, but he cannot free himself from the physical necessity of work. Unless he is working at some rational and necessary task, he will work at something that is stupid and unnecessary. – Tolstoy

If I have a glass eye that is green, then everything I see seems green; I cannot but see the world as green, even though I know it’s not. – Tolstoy

Everything alive is frightened of suffering, everything alive is afraid of death; see yourself in every living creature, do not torment, do not kill, do not cause suffering or death. Everything living desires the same as you do; everything living values its life; therefore you must see yourself in every living creature. – Buddhist saying

We are born to be one. Our union is like a stone arch, which would collapse if the stones did not support one another. – Seneca, MLL

Eliminate anything in yourself that prevents you from being aware of your link with every living creature. – Tolstoy

When you emerged into this world you cried, while everyone else was overjoyed. Try to see to it that, when you leave this world, everyone cries, while you alone smile. – Indian saying

However strong the effect of the past in the direction your life takes, you can always alter it through an effort of your will. – Tolstoy

The good person will always be more anxious to do his duty than to be worried about what might happen to him. – Tolstoy

Do only what is spiritually uplifting, and you will be sure that, in doing so, you will be of the greatest possible use to society. – Tolstoy

When something happens to torment and grieve you, then think, firstly, how much more unpleasant it might have been for you – and often is for other people; 

secondly, remember the previous occasions when you have been affected in this way – when just as now, you have been very upset by circumstances or events, but which you now remember quite calmly and with total indifference;

and thirdly, most importantly, remember that whatever it is that is upsetting you is only there to test you, to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your spiritual strength, and to make you even stronger. – Tolstoy