#13: On Anger (De Ira) Apr22


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#13: On Anger (De Ira)

#13: On Anger (De Ira)

Quotes that resonate, from ‘How to Keep Your Cool: An Ancient Guide to Anger Management’ by Seneca, selected, translated and introduced by James Romm.

Delay is the greatest remedy for anger.

Ask of your anger, at the outset, not to grant forgiveness but to exercise judgement. Its first impulses are harsh ones; it will relent if it waits.

First, in regard to reports, we should not be quick to believe them. Many lie to deceive us, and many because themselves are deceived.

If you were going to adjudicate a case involving even a tiny sum, the trial wouldn’t proceed without witnesses, and the witnesses’ testimony wouldn’t count unless they were sworn in, and you’d give both sides a chance to plead their case; you’d take your time and not decide in one hearing. Truth gets shinier [like silver coins] the more frequently it is handled.

Second come the things we witness ourselves. In these cases, we will examine the nature and intent of those who do them. Say it’s your
child: chalk it up to his age; he doesn’t know that what he did was wrong.