#18: On Anger (De Ira) Apr22


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#18: On Anger (De Ira)

#18: On Anger (De Ira)

Quotes that resonate, from ‘How to Keep Your Cool: An Ancient Guide to Anger Management’ by Seneca, selected, translated and introduced by James Romm.

We must, then, hold back our anger, whether the one who needs to be taken on is our equal, our better, or our inferior. To fight with an equal is a chancy affair; with a better, insane; with an inferior, tawdry.

Only weak things think they’re being wounded if they’re touched.

It will make us gentler if we consider how that person, the one we’re angry at, has helped us in the past; his offense will win pardon from his merits.

Keep this too in mind: how much praise a reputation for mercy will bring us, how many people our kindness will turn into valuable friends.

There’s nothing more unjust than for someone to become the heir of hatred incurred by his father [or mother].