#23: On Anger (De Ira) Apr25


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#23: On Anger (De Ira)

#23: On Anger (De Ira)

Quotes that resonate, from ‘How to Keep Your Cool: An Ancient Guide to Anger Management’ by Seneca, selected, translated and introduced by James Romm.

Other emotions  accept postponement and can be tended to more slowly, but the violence of this one, once it’s aroused and whips itself up, doesn’t advance little by little but becomes full-blown as soon as it’s begun. It doesn’t have the same way of goading minds as the other vices do; it drags them away, deprives them of self-control, drives them into longing for a harm that will afflict all, provokes rage against not only its target but whatever comes in its way.

Other vices depart from rationality, this one from sanity.

Others make gradual inroads and undetected increases, but our minds vault into anger.