#26: On Anger (De Ira) Apr25


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#26: On Anger (De Ira)

#26: On Anger (De Ira)

Quotes that resonate, from ‘How to Keep Your Cool: An Ancient Guide to Anger Management’ by Seneca, selected, translated and introduced by James Romm.  

It’s worse sin than luxury, since that vice is enjoyed by personal pleasure, whereas anger takes joy in another’s pain. It surpasses malice and envy, since those only want someone to be unhappy, while anger wants to make them so; those delight in ills that chance to happen, while anger can’t wait for bad luck; it wants to harm those it hates rather than watch them be harmed.

It betrays the nature of humankind, since that nature urges us to love, but anger urges us to hate; human nature bids us to help others, but anger to harm.