#27: Wisdom Quotes Apr03


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#27: Wisdom Quotes

#27: Wisdom Quotes     

Below are quotes that resonate, from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar Of Wisdom’.          

You are afraid of death, but just think what it would be like to be condemned to eternal life as the same individual you are at present. – Tolstoy

It is a bad state of affair when you have nothing within you for which you are prepared to die. – Tolstoy

It seems to me that the old superstition that money can buy you happiness is beginning to disappear. – Tolstoy


The thirst for wealth can never be slaked or satisfied. Those people who possess wealth are tormented not merely by the desire to acquire even more, but by the fear that they might lose what they already have. – Cicero, ‘On Duties’
Look upon your thoughts as if they were your guests, and your desires as if they were your children. – Chinese proverb[6]
Violence is especially harmful because it clothes itself in the semblance of greatness, and thereby inspires for something that should evoke only revulsion. – Tolstoy

What would be the point of doing away with someone who does not share your views, when you can use friendly persuasion to bring him over to your side? – Socrates

The main obstacle to truth is not lies, but the semblance of truth. – Tolstoy

A lie that is unmasked is just as significant for the well-being of mankind as a clearly expressed truth. – Tolstoy

The truth is so powerful that, although its ultimate will be hard-fought and difficult, once it has been gained, it will never lose ground again. – Schopenhauer, WWR