Diogenes’ Cup

‘Diogenes standing to right, holding his cloak together with one hand and his cup in front of him with the other, looking round to left where a young boy is kneeling, drinking from his cupped hand at a puddle in the ground, about to throw his cup away seeing that the boy is more frugal than he; after Salvator Rosa. Mezzotint’ © The Trustees of the British Museum

10 Reflections:

[1] Be grateful for your half cup of water.
[2] Be grateful for your cup.
[3] Be grateful for not needing your cup.
[4] Be grateful for water.
[5] Be grateful you can give your cup away.
[6] You do not need much to be happy.
[7] You make yourself unhappy by wanting too much.
[8] Gratitude is crucial for happiness.
[9] Sharing extends your happiness.
[10] True Happiness is when one and all are happy.

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